Abyssion - Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki
Svart Records
Black metal
5 songs (25:00)
Release year: 2015
Svart Records
Reviewed by Charles
Abyssion is a Finnish project with some notable ties to the edgier realms of European black(ish) metal. Their lineup features members of Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising, and their label (an imprint of Svart) is run by the guy from Beastmilk, Hexvessel, DHG, and so forth. This is a more orthodox black metal project than those, however, with a violent and fuzzy old school Nordic edge. It is a short album- less than half an hour long- which certainly dabbles with ideas from more leftfield domains (e.g. the swooshy synths) but from which the fat is well-trimmed.

First track Luonnon Harmonia does, indeed, have a strong Oranssi Pazuzu feel to it. Repetitive black metal riffing, which could fit easily onto Valionelu, winds round and round so as to become quite hypnotic (as is often the intention with this sort of thing). The synths are there but steer well clear of psychedelic space-rock pomp, and more about abrasive squawks and swirls (at one point it sounds like the TARDIS is materialising in the background- pretty cool as an accompaniment to black metal riffing, it turns out).

That one is seven minutes long, but the other tracks are more concise. Kosmoksesta tuli hautani feints at a more melodic and ‘depressive’ approach, but picks up into a snarling old school bounce, with savage drumming pushed to the fore, like something from the first Dødheimsgard album. Vihreä Liekki is simlar, but augmented by the strange presence of wan clean guitar melody noodling over the top. A strange combination. Once again, judicious use of synthesised chirping and peeping gives it a bit of colour.

The final tracks are probably the most adventurous here. Ajatus kirkastuu opens with some funny bleeps and some incongruous jazz cymbals, and then it builds into a psychedelic cacophony; a whining, buzzing sound which could almost be an electric oboe drones overhead, as grim electronic winds, parping battle horns and screeching guitar feedback rise and subside in the background. The atmosphere is truly freakish. Which only leaves closer Pysähdyn kuuntelemaan hiljaisuutta. It begins with frenetic unaccompanied drumming, like an extension of a punk song intro. Then, reverberating pitched lead guitar screeches pile in, over the top of the album’s most frostbitten orthodox black metal riff. A suitably menacing way to close an extremely worthy album.

Killing Songs :
Ajatus kirkastuu, Luonnon Harmonia
Charles quoted 78 / 100
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