Feared - Synder
Melodic Thrash/Death metal
13 songs (48:00)
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
The name Ola Englund, is a name I have become familiar with, first through his generally excellent Youtube videos demoing various technological music gear ranging from simple pedals, pickups and signature amplifiers. He was also heard on Exit Wounds, last year’s release for The Haunted. Synder is the follow up to the excellent Vinter that came out in 2013. The band consists of Jocke Skog(bass), Kevin Talley(Drums), Mario Ramos(Vocals) and of course Englund on guitar. For me each of the Feared discs has seen improvement, in both song structure and intensity while keeping the original guitar riffs of Englung intact. After the instrumental title track which draws you in, the brutal Your Demise follows. Thundering double bass drums, fast tremolo and palm muted riffs follow. Ramos does not take long to make his presence felt, and the intensity is felt right away, setting up the rest of the disc. This song definitely falls more into the Death Metal realm, with also elements of Thrash thrown in as well(the drumming of Talley is superb), and Englund’s solo is my favorite on the entire disc. The following two tracks Of Iron and Ashes and Caligula both are faster tracks that offer something different. The layered guitars of the first song’s intro add a real dynamic and feel to the song, without it sounding cliche. While the latter is more groove oriented, and has an almost Pantera like feel, without rehashing that band’s feel. The brief guitar solo for that song, as well is brief, but signature Englund. My Grief, My Sorrow has a well conceived video and equal mix of grooves and brutality. The one track some may find as a throwaway, but I find as a nice break between all the chaos is the ambient piano instrumental that is, Dygder.

By Silent Screaming has my favorite riff on the entire disc, and has a real Melodic Death Metal feel that feels right at home with Englund’s homeland of Sweden. Ramos un-relentless vocals don’t let up, even during the song’s slower and more melodic parts. This song shows Englund’s talent as a songwriting, keeping things fresh yet intense all at the same time. Another song with a Melodic Death Metal feel is Wolf At The End Of The World, and it is a three and a half minute plus riff-fest. My Own Redemption follows, and it is probably my favorite track on the disc, with different riffs and melodies, brutality combined with melodic-ness. Ramos guttural vocals return, and while I am extremely picky with vocals of this genre, I really enjoy his here(well the whole disc, to be honest). The clean vocals midway through the song, was a nice change of pace as well. These clean vocals are really done well, and in some ways I wish they were used in more of the songs on the disc. The fact though that they are used only here, combined with Englund’s varied fretwork(and amazing solo on this one) really allows this song to stand out. The shortest track is the speedy more straight ahead Dying Day. To me it has more a classic thrash feel and is one of the more straight ahead tracks on the entire disc. War Feeding War, and its another mix of groove and brutality. Showing again Ramos’s ability to change his vocal style while keeping the keeping the intensity and aggression up. The last two tracks are the longest, with The Narcissist at just under five minutes, and Godless Devotion being just over five minutes long. The varied The Narcissist goes from tremolo picking and faster palm muted guitar riffs, to a cleaner section, in which Ramos’s guttural vocals are heard over lightly distorted arpeggios. The guitar solo another brief yet melodic melody that breaks up the song nicely. The latter is basically a great way to sum up what is probably the best Feared discs I have heard yet. If you enjoy a mix of melodic thrash and death metal, and have never heard Feared, do yourself a favor and head over to Youtube, for a full stream of Synder, and I promise you won’t be dissapointed!
Killing Songs :
Your Demise, My Grief My Sorrow, By Silent Screaming, My Own Redemption, Godless Devotion
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