A:S:Orchestra - Winter Rain
Inverse Records
Gothic Metal
1 songs (3'34")
Release year: 2015
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

We all release stress in different ways. One Finn Aleksi Susi of Alexanred, 2 Wolves and Scent of Flesh (all bands unknown to me, except I think I may have heard Scent of Flesh brand of death metal) decided to produce a gothic digital single, and I have zero explanation why I decided to pick it up. Maybe it was its cover art, which looks too wintery in the midst of (not too hot) summer, which twinged my senses.

Winter Rain certainly has a cold gothic vibe going, especially in its keyboard tone, for about first minute or so. If Aleksi were to start singing cleanly, a la Ville Laihiala, one could surmise A:S:Orchestra is moving towards the latter days of Sentenced or Ville’s Poisonblack. To copy that direction wouldn't be that bad. Sadly, Aleksi wants to go by way of some weird processed vocals which sound unnatural, electronic and strained. Once the song gets onto its clean melodic angle, some radio play for Winter Play is warranted, but this desire to be “unusual” and weird vocally only detracts from the experience. So, while Aleksi may have been successful in relieving his own stress, he did not do the same for me.

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