Mist of Misery - Temple of Stilled Voices
Symphonic Black Metal
4 songs (28'19'')
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Jared

It would be an understatement to say that the site has already seen its fair share black metal reviews for 2015, but I am taking a step back to 2014 with this one. Mist of Misery, hailing from Sweden, slipped by me last year with their independently released debut EP Temple of Stilled Voices. This symphonic and black metal mixture is a nice change up from the black metal I have heard recently, reaching to the darkest corners but also revealing a sound that evokes a beautiful dreariness.

Window Mirror Image begins the album off on a more repetitive note. A rather simple riff is heard here and the vocals shriek better than expected sounding sinister and raw but not overbearing to the music. The song takes a turn at about the three minute mark to infuse a small coating of symphonic elements but this is really is a warm up track to what lays in wait.

Bleak Autumn is a more robust track that follows the opener. Double bass, blast beating, and just a more ferocious attitude is found here, while the song also spans to more beautiful landscapes with acoustic guitars and keyboards that creates a powerful feeling that shines through the shadowy mist these guys can create. Bleak Autumn is simply an astounding track to be found here. The final track Temple of Stilled Voices returns to more repetition like the first track, but takes on a more attractive sound than the opener did, more so feeling along the lines of a doom nature.

Mist of Misery is a surprisingly solid symphonic black metal band. Though a lot of love for this album goes to the track Bleak Autumn, their debut EP Temple of Stilled Voices shows they have massive potential, and a full-length album from this duo I greatly anticipate to hear.

Killing Songs :
Bleak Autumn, Temple of Stilled Voices
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