Archer - Culling the Weak
Hard Rock/Melodic Heavy Metal
8 songs (38'00'')
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Jared

The California native heavy metal and hard rock trio Archer have been extremely quite since their debut album Doom$day Profits$ in 2006. Unbeknownst to me, this band has toured with some big acts, not only that, but recorded full-length albums with artists such as Sam Taylor (King’s X, ZZ Top), and Gilby Clarke (Guns & Roses, Rock Star Supernova). Culling the Weak and its tracks are a melodic punch of hard rock, but also paying respect to the heavy metal forces that drive them.

For a band of only three, Archer boasts with sound, as the opener Belief will more than show with its solid pound on the ears. Bands like Brainstorm come to mind, though Archer is way less focused on a power metal sound and rather one that creates a storm of rock and heavy in one. Hurl the Cross rolls forth with a bit of a biker feel to it, sounding meaner around the edges with its main riff that fits perfectly to the vocals that really floods this one with extremely potent rock.

Dawn of Dilution keeps the hammering riffs coming. This time around the track really brings out the big attractive solos here, which are loud and razor sharp. It’s not the only track with a great solo, as King for a Day that follows contains a one that flows beautifully. The album ends with their single, My Atrocity from 2014. This track is probably one of the best of the lot, starting things off with acoustic guitars backed by a guitar solo that really puts this one into an instant mood to rock. Heavy and melodic riffs really shake the last few minutes of this album showing some very solid musicianship.

Culling the Weak may have some tracks that may stand out more than others, but Archer put forth a great mix of hard rock and melodic heavy metal that will sure to delight many who cross their path.

Killing Songs :
Belief, Hurl the Cross, Dawn of Dilution, King for a Day, My Atrocity
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