Millennial Reign - Carry The Fire
Ulterium Records
Melodic Heavy/Power Metal
10 songs (51:00)
Release year: 2015
Ulterium Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
With excitement I have been waiting for the new Queensryche cd, and low and behold it is not them, but a band carrying that progressive and melodic metal torch with touches of Crimson Glory and classic Heavy metal, the band is Millennial Reign, from Ulterium Records. The vocals give that early QR and CG feel, though the music is more melodic power metal, especially on the opener, Forever Changed. Great guitar harmony and strong vocals, really elevate this first track. Way Up High follows suit, with the same melodic highs and lows,and a very sing-a-long chorus that any fan of melodic heavy metal will enjoy. The guitar soloing on this song, while brief in parts, is very melodic yet technical, without being overly flashy or unnecessary. The band's name is the name of the next track, and the drumming really stands out to me on this song. Not exactly anything new in style, but the precision and style, is definitely not lacking at all. Men Stand Alone sounds like the previous three songs,and while the songs are very good, there is some repetition that is starting to creep in. Save Me opens up with a synth lead, that definitely changes things up, before a twin guitar lead takes over. The verse of the song, has a synth arpeggio played over straight ahead palm muted guitar chords. This song is definitely more classic heavy metal versus being power metal. The song is definitely a diversion to the songs that came before it.

This Day, is straight ahead melodic song that rocks, with more of singer James Guest's melodic yet higher pitched vocals. More keyboards find their way into Will You, with a stop and go guitar riff behind the keys during the verses. The chorus is more straight ahead,and has a very cool lead guitar motif that follows the melody of the song. More stop and go riffing behind a guitar solo follows with the intro of Innocent Cry. The lead melody has a middle-eastern minor tone kind of feel to it. Double bass drumming and keys dominant most of the verses, while the chorus is more of a stop and go riff fest that has a very cool groove to it. Not On My Own is another classic heavy metal song, with straight head melodies, soaring vocals, power chord based guitar riffs, and of course kickass guitar leads. My favorite opening and guitar lead comes at the intro of the last song which is titled I'll Try. What sounds like a single string hammer-on/pull off melody with some extra notes thrown in opens this speedy song. Much like Forever Changed this song is a solid piece of melodic metal, whether you call it classic heavy metal or power metal. The positive messages in their lyrics, plus the label they are on, have me assume they are a Christian band, or at least a band made up those who believe in the faith. While I don't share their religious beliefs or faith, I do share their love for this kind of melodic music. I refuse to label this as Christian Heavy or Power Metal. Those who enjoy this kind of music, will enjoy what they hear, believer or not. For me this is a talented band, who writes music that just so happen to have lyrics that may or may lift people up. At its core its a good metal album, with above average vocals and musicianship. For fans of Queensryche, Crimson Glory and the like.

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Killing Songs :
Forever Changed, Way Up High, Will you, I'll Try
Joel quoted 83 / 100
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