Ad Nauseum - Ad Nauseum
Broken Limbs Recordings
Sludge/Doom Metal
4 songs (20'00'')
Release year: 2015
Broken Limbs Recordings
Reviewed by Jared

Florida’s doom driven sludge metal act, Ad Nauseum, are set to release their self-titled EP this October. As with most sludge bands, I have found to have a lot of enjoyment with them in the past few years, most notably the hard and heavy boar sludge that is Sweden’s Gloson, or even revisiting classics such as NeurosisThrough Silver in Blood. Whoever it may be, sludge metal bands are some of the most interesting to probe.

Ad Nauseum are an extremely raw sludge metal band, with a more hardcore sound, but also lays out some big doomy riffs to create a rather harsh noise. Walls starts off with an ambient approach, providing a nighttime feeling. The guitars hammer with an echoing sound, but the amount of variation from this opening track is lacking, following the same slow pattern for almost the entire duration. Futility begins much more interesting with their guitars, bringing forth a cleaner more disturbing sound. It sounds as if the guitar has an out of tune feel being played at the bottom of a dark well. The track follows the same slow pattern like the previous track, until at about the half way point where the music really takes chaotic yet surprising turn into a mangled mess. Locked In is a much shorter track, but still letting off some steam from the previous one. A little less rampant, it has a steadier tempo with pounding doom riffs. Slalom in the Public River returns to a slower nature for the remaining six minutes, but this time giving off a better mood when they once again bring out a slower doom sound.

Ad Nauseum’s self-titled EP is an interesting and raw look at sludge and doom. To be honest, it is a bit difficult to like with its rather repetitive sound that carries over on a lot of the tracks. Though it may not have been the most impressive sludge I have come across, there is solid potential that lies here, and it will be curious to see what this will morph into when a full-length album is written.

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