A Sound of Thunder - Tales From The Deadside
Mad Neptune Records
Heavy Metal
10 songs (60:00)
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Joel
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Hailing from the Northeast region of the US, the very familiar(to MetalReviews) readers is, A Sound Of Thunder. Their previous reviews have been highly acclaimed by the press, and from this site's own Alex. With a classic heavy metal sound, that is a bit of a throwback, the band also throws in some progressive elements to their music as well. With Tales From The Deadside, which is a concept album based on the Vailant Entertainment's Shadowman comics, ASoT(as I will call them for the review) offers an hour plus worth of music that really takes their songwriting to another level.

First thing to noticed is the subdue nature of the disc's first song, Children Of The Dark. First the brief narration opening the song leads way to the always intimidating Nina Osegueda(she stands at 5'0” tall but has a voice that has so much power it would send even Godzilla to hibernate!) on vocals, singing softly. I really was surprised by this intro, but really liked it. As the song kicks in, a mix of catchy guitar riffs from Josh Schwartz and company really compliments the always solid vocals of Osegueda. As with a disc like this, learning the story and paying attention to the lyrics is a big part of the experience, so I will try not to have too many spoilers for you. The more mature sound of AsoT can be heard in the next two songs, Sandria(Carry On) and Can't Go back(a great mid paced melodic song with a great chorus!). Deadside is a great song with a lot of cool dynamics, from soft like the intro, to the almost Sabbath like doom riffs. The organ in this touch is a nice touch also. This is also the longest song on the disc. One of the fastest songs, and one that will remind you of their earlier works would be Tower Of Souls. Schwartz's guitar solos on this song really stand out on this song to me, more than any other song on the disc. Also on this classic song is Osegueda's signature banshee(a compliment, I promise!) screams/high notes.

Losing Control starts slow and has some great harmony guitar leads as well as some nicely placed dynamics as well. The cleverly titled Punk Mambo is next, and definitely has a punk-metal like feel to the song, along with Osegueda's aggressive vocals. Alyssa(Life In Shadows) is probably the best ballad like song the band has written. It is atmospheric, has a great acoustic guitar medley, a climatic chorus, and of course vocals that elevate the song even higher. Tremble has a great mix of riffs and grooves, and easily headbanging worthy. End Of Times, has a doom like feel for most of the song, except for a middle section that speeds things up. The song ends the disc, and completes the story with an ending you will just have to hear for yourself.

To me this is A Sound Of Thunder's finest album yet, and deserves to be heard throughout the rock and metal world. If you enjoy music with melodic hooks, great musicianship and songwriting, that has a classic feel yet never sounds dated, then this is definitely for you. Tales From The Deadside, I predict will end up on many best of the year lists(including mine!).

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Joel quoted 90 / 100
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