Diemonds - Never Wanna Die
Napalm Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
10 songs (35:00)
Release year: 2015
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Before picking the review, I had never heard of Diemonds who are Napalm Records. They are a Canadian band, featuring the powerful vocals of Priya Panda and the solid guitar playing of C.C. Diamond and Daniel Dekay. They play a classic mix of hard rock and heavy metal with a modern production.

This can be immediately heard during the opener, Never Wanna Die. The straight ahead riffing of Hell is Full, is a full on head banging good time. Priya’s vocals are right in your face, yet melodic as well. She definitely has some power to her vocals. This can definitely be heard in the first song I saw on Facebook, and that is Over it. The chorus is definitely sing-a-long and very melodic, while the verses are more straight ahead. Ain’t That Kind Of Girl, can be heard and the video can be seen HERE. Definitely a fun short song, just under three minutes along,and while Priya is definitely a beautiful woman, she has the vocals to match. Secret reminds me of something Halestorm would write(that in my opinion is not an insult at all!). The closest the band has to a slow song, that is more melodic and mid paced. The sex infused lyrics can be heard in the passionate vocals, and while tongue-in-cheek lyrics are laughable(in an enjoyable way), I think that is the point, to make the listener laugh. The song also features one of the best guitar solos, a blues-infused lead that really captures the feel of the music. Better Off Dead returns the melodies back to break neck speed and is one of the faster songs on the disc. A decent amount of riffs, and Priya’s makes this a solid song. Forever Untamed has a very cool groove to its intro before going straight into the speedy straight head power chord driven melodies heard earlier in the disc. I like Priya’s melodic vocals during the chorus a lot on this song. Wild At Heart is a solid mid-paced songs, with a solid mix of dynamics musically and vocally. I really like the guitar solo in this song,and it really opens up and shows how talented these guitar players are. The disc ends with a pair of headbangers, in Meet Your Maker and Save Your Life. The first being your more straight ahead faster rocker, while the second is more mid paced and again features a very well played guitar solo near the last minute of the song.

Diemonds has put out a definite surprise of the month for me, and while this style of music does not break any new ground they have definitely made it their own. Priya’s vocals elevate each song to a new level, that some vocalists just can’t do, and when you match that to the solid musicianship behind her, you have a very solid release. For fans of classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, with a modern production.

The Band IS:
Priya Panda - vocals
C.C. Diemond & Daniel Dekay - guitars
Adam Zlotnik - bass
Aiden Tranquada - drums
Check out a preview HERE of the whole disc.
Killing Songs :
Never Wanna Die, Over it, Wild At Heart, Secrets
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