Battalion of Saints - Battalion of Saints
Southern Lord
Hardcore Punk
3 songs (6'25")
Release year: 2015
Southern Lord
Reviewed by Alex

Truth be told I do not know enough about punk. Metal’s brother (or is it cousin? Or predecessor?) somehow missed my listening window, so when an opportunity arises I like giving it a shot as in the process I discovered bands I liked very much (Beastmilk). So, when a genre authority, like Southern Lord, tells me that the self-titled 7” EP by Battalion of Saints is a return of a legend, I am all ears. Apparently, it was Battalion of Saints which stood at the forefront of the genre conversion from merely a shock rock into its more hardcore gnarlier variety.

Singer and original founding member George Anthony is behind the most recent Battalion of Saints reincarnation, and the band has recorded new material, after apparently remaining alive through playing shows on the US West Coast. The whole of 7” is how I imagine hardcore punk to be – a quick in-and-out slap in the face, as well as rousing of tensions without resolving them in the process. George Anthony contributes his high pitched shouts over scandalous bombs, or careening out of control Darkness. Nightmare showcases the most bass-laden sound from this four piece San Diego unit, the most structured and catchy riffs, and also lays out a screaming solo while allowing more melodic inflections than the other two cuts, which isn’t a bad thing.

The 7” is good for shaking old bones, or smashing things, whichever your age group or preference.

Killing Songs :
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