Sacrocurse - Destroying Chapels
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black Death Metal
4 songs (13'31")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

The neighbors pulled out the sign: “Thank Jesus. It is all because of him we have Christmas to celebrate”. Hmm, time to play something blasphemous and disrespectful. Too bad they can’t come over for the audio screening, and I really can’t open my windows either, but it appears to me that the latest EP from Mexican Sacrocurse will be exactly what doctor ordered in this situation.

Thankfully for them, but probably equally so for everybody else, Sacrocurse keeps Destroying Chapels succinct and to the point. Opening with a blood curdling female sampled shriek on Total Devastation, the first two tracks – Total Devastation and Sacrocurse Temple – are full-on frontal attacks of black/death metal aka as ‘war metal’. Monstrous wall-like percussion, turning to more distinguishable blasts on Sacrocurse Temple, guitar sound which is equally intense on rhythm and bass guitar, pure craziness fret diving solos, thickly robust production, and towering overpowering punched up vocal bellowing – Sacrocurse is not for the weak of mind, heart or ears. Their sound combines the density and heft of death metal, yet it is played at pulverizing speeds, without guitars slipping into fuzzed out grind. Most importantly, the way Sacrocurse is playing it, is to apply punishment in droves, and, I admit, if this was a full album, I would probably start blurring the songs out. But in the EP format there is a proper opportunity to admire the maniacally technical playing, complete destruction of both drums and strings and utterly undeterred “fuck off” attitude. The title track shortens the length, but ups the blasting tempo a bit, while, strangely enough, I can make out a bit of lyrics culminating in repeating the title. Keep these dudes away from your Nativity Scene, since they are hell bent on carrying out the EP title.

The closing Bathory cover of Total Destruction stands out. For one, you totally get the vibe this is not Sacrocurse original material, as the war metal is toned down, and the song is much more about blackened thrash with its distinguishable melody, so consider it an opportunity to recover your breath.

Destroying Chapels comes on the heels of the full-length debut Unholier Master, which was well received by the fans of the genre. My understanding is that one wasn’t exactly wishing you Merry Christmas either, so playing these opuses back-to-back should be par for the course, if piety is something you detest.

Killing Songs :
Total Devastation
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