No Return - Machinery
Kodiak Records
Thrash / Death Metal
12 songs (47'20)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

No Return are back with their new thrash/death-metal attack called Machinery. Twelve months after Self Mutilation, which was an excellent "comeback" album for this French band, No Return delivers 47 minutes of nusic, where Testament meets At The Gates. With Machinery, No Return conquers the French thrash/death throne and the recent signature with Nuclear Blast (outside France for the distribution) should help the band to conquer now Europe.

No Return, which has this particularity of using machine sounds (samplers), is a combination of the old-thrash-school and the Swedish death school, creating a very aggressive music. "Hating" vocals, fast guitars riffs and "plumbic" rhythm ... this is what Machinery is all about. Twelve songs, twelve rockets - one of them being a Death cover, Secret Face - and the diversity helps the listener to enter in this concept album. Just listen to the fantastic "violin break" on Disease or the wonderful intro on Synthetic or on Resurrection and you will discover these guys are brilliant when it comes to song-writing.

As said above, Machinery is a concept album about the bio-genetic : in a near future, a genius has created a computer-virus and he wants to destroy the net because he hate this society who gave him birth. However, the computers "understand" they will be taken by storm by a human being and they prepare the retaliation using new robots (half human / half computers). It is simpler with the lyrics in front of you of course :)

Songs like Machinery (first track is the end of the story, like Pulp Fiction in fact), The Recycler, Violator, Resurrection or Synthetic are pure thrash/death attacks and please believe resistance will be futile as Machinery will assimilate you.

A must for all fans of thrash/death out there, especially fans of Testament or At The Gates.

Killing Songs :
Machinery, The Recycler, Violator, Synthetic, Resurrection
Danny quoted 88 / 100
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