Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts
Napalm Records
Symphonic Rock/Metal
12 songs (58:42)
Release year: 2015
Napalm Records
Reviewed by Joel
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The Deviant Hearts is the collaborative effort of Charlotte Wessels(Delain), Georg Neuhauser(Serenity) and multi-instrumentalist and producer Oliver Phillips. With The Deviant Hearts you get a cinematic/musical-esque Symphonic Rock/Metal rock album.

Incompleteopens things softly with the beautiful and emotional vocals of Wessels. Neuhauser's signature melodic vocals joins in later in the song The title track is more bombastic and features guest vocals from Evergrey's Tom Englund. The moving Runaway Gray allows Wessels to shine which she does throughout the disc. A powerful ballad that uses its dynamics to elevate the song. Chloe Lowery who has worked with Trans Siberian Orchestra gives a stand out performance on Try. While some could say the majority of this song could be too commercial or even "pop," need not to fear, as the song builds up to a much heavier ending with the vocals of Van Canto's Dennis Schunke. My favorite song is next, the rocking and symphonic Enter Dreamscape. The most metal song on the disc, and from what I can hear is more of Englund's guest vocals. Miserable Me follows suit with the heaviness, but differentiates itself with a huge melodic chorus and varied dynamics.

The Lotus and The Willow is a very unique song. While it fits perfectly with all the other songs, it stands out. From the harmonized vocals, to the basic minor key melody it just is a song you'll not forget. Also the song features one hell of a guitar solo as well. Crimson Coursehas a very symphonic meets AOR arena rock vibe to it. The kind of song that makes you start headbanging without realizing you are doing it. Another song that would fit perfectly on the last two Serenity discs. Carry Me Home features Lowery singing back up with Phillips taking the lead throughout most of it. The Sound Of Fear's delicate piano and strings segue into a show stopping performance from Neuhauser. Another ballad, another guitar solo that I could listen too over and over again. Wessel's provides background vocals that lift the song where just instrumentation wouldn't. Novaturient is another song for Neuhauser that like a lot of the other songs, starts soft and speeds up. Another great song right in his vocal wheelhouse. The final song Let It Die, you can hear and watch Here.

With a story that is easy to follow, and performances that easily stand out individually as they do in unison, The Deviant Hearts is definitely a triumph of melodic symphonic rock/metal. If you are a fan of the genre then you will find a lot to like. Up there among the best of its genre from last year(Came out in November).

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