Abbath - Abbath
Season Of Mist
Black Metal
10 songs (48'11'')
Release year: 2016
Abbath, Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Jared
Major event

Last year it came as a shock to hear that Immortal was in a dispute that halted the music from progressing any further. The details of the split I never came to discover, but Abbath wasn’t about to let the music stop from seeing the light of day, thus bringing forth his solo debut this New Year. 2009 was the last we heard of Immortal and naturally as the years went by, it felt like the return of the blizzard beasts was far from realization. Though the music this time may not be Immortal, the new album from Abbath takes on a lot that we have come to love in a new light.

A rather robust and toughened start begins the debut album with To War! The music commences with a heavy induced tone, especially with the warlike drums that build up the anticipation. Guitar work feels right at home from the demonic wizard bringing out its cold wrath, especially in the following track Winterbane. The clean guitars found towards the end of this track brought back some At the Heart of Winter memories, most notably taking me back to the first time I had listened to Tragedies Blow at Horizon.

Quite simply one of the best songs on this album is Ocean of Wounds. It may have a slower tempo than what most of the album offers, put it pounds a rock-ish blackened tone that brings out the catchier side of the music. Count the Dead returns the music to a snow-like blustery tone, with unrelenting blast beats, and riffs that have that wonderful blackened thrash edge to them. Root of the Mountain is another song that leads for the most part with a steady rock chug, jogging my memory to a similar tune like Beyond the North Waves from Sons of Northern Darkness. Abbath doesn’t forget to send the listener into a whirlwind of chaos before the album is said and done, as the final track Endless brings out the big guns for a memorable finale. The final track on this album is a hard-boiled, blackened frenzy of winter madness that immediately hooked me, and desiring to hear it all once again.

Naturally Immortal fans will more than likely love Abbath. Though the music takes on a new name, the master of black ‘n’ roll doesn’t disappoint and is hard-hitting as ever with his blistery arctic storm of ferocity.

Killing Songs :
To War!, Winterbane, Ocean of Wounds, Count the Dead, Root of the Mountain, Endless
Jared quoted 90 / 100
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