Oceans of Slumber - Winter
Century Media
Progressive Metal
13 songs (61:00)
Release year: 2016
Century Media
Reviewed by Joel
The Texas based Oceans Of Slumber, is a difficult band to describe to the uninitiated. My first taste of the band, was Youtube videos for their first disc, Aetherial. The biggest change in the band since the release, has been their new vocalist, Cammie Gilbert. When a band changes the sex of their lead singer it can end up leaving mix results, and divided fans(Arch Enemy anyone?). With the change in vocalist, the band also goes from being self-released to being on a label as big as Century Media. So what does Winter, their label debut have in store for listeners?

Well instead of my usual, track by back description, I will give more of an overview. The soulful beginning of the first track, and title track, introduces Gilbert's soulful and passionate vocals. She immediately grabs your attention, and her ethereal tone takes hold, and does not let go. Now the band themselves, really are a talented bunch. From melodic clean guitar tones of the title track to the dynamics heard later in the track, which range from distorted guitars, death vocals, to the progressive and technical melodies of Devout, the next track. Some amazing guitar work from Anthony Contreras and Sean Gary to some jaw dropping drumming courtesy of Dobber Beverly. The next song is one hell of a cover, of The Moody Blues classic hit, Night In White Satin. Gilbert's emotive and attention grabbing vocals are on full display. Just as the band did with Candlemass's Solitude on their last EP called Blue making a song that was already great, all their own! The next two songs are both under two minutes, the beautiful Lullaby, I could imagine playing to my five year old daughter, as she went to sleep. Laid To Rest is a more somber guitar instrumental, that is very atmospheric in feel. My personal favorite, is Suffer The Last Bridge. A progressive yet rocking song, that I wish their was more songs like this one on the disc. The last half of the disc, has a lot of slower moments, including the doom vibe of Sunlight that is felt both instrumentally and with Gilbert's vocals. Turpentine follows suite, while the heaviest and most death metal like song, Apopologue follows. If this was the only song you heard from the band, you would have thought they were more like an early Opeth, somewhere between the Orchird and Blackwater Park eras of the band. The last three songs, are two short instrumentals and one very good song, in ...This Road. Much like the songs of earlier, this song has the darkness of Winter, and the more progressive and rocking vibes of Suffer The Last Bridge.

While I really did enjoy Winter, I do believe some people looking for the more heavier sides of the band, may be disappointed with all the slower parts, and short instrumentals. Personally I believe Winter is unique,and nothing else this year will be released like it. With that said, this is a disc, that deserves your full attention, for its sixty plus minute run time. Winter, shows that Oceans of Slumber will not be defined by one genre, but as influenced by many that came before them.

Killing Songs :
Winter, Suffer The Last Bridge, Sunlight, Apolologue
Joel quoted 88 / 100
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