Eleventh Hour - Memory of a Lifetime Journey
Progressive/Power Metal
10 songs (53'25'')
Release year: 2016
Eleventh Hour
Reviewed by Jared
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Within the first minute of listening to Memory of a Lifetime Journey, the independent debut album from Italy’s Eleventh Hour, I knew I was in for something special. It’s been quite a long time for me to be this excited over a power metal band, probably not since my days in high school when I first discovered Sonata Arctica, but Eleventh Hour has come at the perfect time this year to surprise me once again with the genre.

Memory of a Lifetime Journey is a hard rocking album no doubt, but also one that brings out a grand sense of splendor. The opening track Sunshine’s Not Too Far shows the symphonic side of the band quickly with its rampant start with the guitars and violin after the short introduction. The vocals stand out immediately, reminding me a bit of a mix of Tobias Sammet and Kamelot, and boy is it one hell of a performance throughout the entire duration. The following track All I Left Behind is a heavier chunk of metal, one that will send a jolt to the neck. The keyboards that appear in the background behind the heavy guitar chugs creates an epic sound, and once again a memorable chorus arises showing the solid song writing this band is more than capable of achieving.

There are a few slower songs found within the middle of the album. Sleeping In My Dreams stood out the most here, as it simply cascades with beauty. The song has an overall sad tone, but between the fantastic piano, and yet another grandiose vocal performance, this song clearly stands out as one of the album’s best. After the short break of slower songs, the album becomes heightened with a powerful energy once again. Requiem For A Prison brings the speed up quite a bit slamming down with great double bass and a rocking sound that just doesn’t want to let up especially towards the song’s end where a blistering guitar and keyboard solo really ignite the fire.

Italy’s Eleventh Hour starts off very strong with their debut and is, so far, one of the most enjoyable albums I have come to listen to this year. Its bands like Eleventh Hour that I’m glad come around and get me excited about the power metal genre once again. They should not be overlooked.

Killing Songs :
Sunshine's Not Too Far, All I Left Behind, Sleeping in My Dreams, Requiem from a Prison
Jared quoted 90 / 100
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