Torman Maxt - The Foolishness Of God
Mascot Records
12 songs (54'10)
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Mascot Records
Reviewed by Danny
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I can't explain why, but Torman Maxt remind me very much Styx (which is a compliment !). This is very evident on first track, Vanity Explored. If you like Styx, Pink Floyd, the 70s and the 80s progressive rock, you’ll like this album. Much more heavy compare to Styx or Pink Floyd of course, but as for the "psychedelic" parts, Torman Maxt has noting to envy to Pink Floyd.

There are 4 chapters in The Foolishness Of God :

A - From The Inside part 1,
B - External Perspectives,
C - From The Inside part 2,
D - Foolishness

This album has a “world class touch" and keep in mind I had not listened to a Styx album since a long time now. So, why is this album so great to my ears? Because it’s an excellent example of loyal music, awesome technique and an excellent song-writing used to transmit "flying" feelings to the listener. From the wonderful opener, Vanity Explored, a deaf man would understand this band is full of talent. Songs like Space And Time, The China Song or Ghost Town are top-class prog-songs. Well done guys.

One regret here : Torman Maxt is not Dream Theater ! In other words, I found out to much diversity from one chapter to another. It is a shame the band didn't follow one road ... instead of experimenting all kind of directions (I am thinking of City Man, third track or Off This Planet, sixth track). Of course, that's just a little detail ... because after having atomized my ears with Immortal, I like to have a rest and this Foolishness Of God is exactly the kind of CD I like to put in my CD-player.

Let's hope now for the band that the spotlights will found them ... as music-business is so strange and unpredictable.

For fans of prog only !!! For more info, check

Killing Songs :
Vanity Explored
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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