Beastmaker - You Must Sin
Rise Above
Classic Doom Metal
2 songs (8'06")
Release year: 2016
Rise Above
Reviewed by Alex

From the first notes of Beastmaker’s You Must Sin you cannot shake a feeling that somebody from this Fresno, CA trio is seriously in love with Black Sabbath and even more specifically with the early 70s incarnation of the immortal British icons. Spruced up by the modern sound production equipment, both songs show fret climbs, drums crushes and strategically placed mid-song atmospheric breaks. Eyes are Watching is a little more massive with guitar work on the heftier side and bass pulsating underneath. The sense of melody comes through in the clear break, but both cuts on the single benefit from multiple listens, as more and more layers are discovered in these songs. The more I delved into it, the more it stuck. The final cherry on the cake, and where comparisons with early Black Sabbath is even more complete, is the fact that Trevor William Church's voice hints of Ozzy's crazy deprived weepiness, that one of a kind vocal delivery which is so unmistakably characteristic.

A very pleasant listen, especially if you are a classic doom fan, You Must Sin shows promise for Beastmaker. Full-length Lusus Naturae is coming out soon. Let this quick write-up be the plug. Fans of Witchfinder General and Pentagram will regret missing it.

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