Jacob Lizotte - For the Fallen Ones
Self released
Various Shades of Heavy Metal
5 songs (25'32")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

Jacob Lizotte is the same young individual who managed to impress several MR reviewers with his atmospheric black metal Feign. His current effort For the Fallen Ones is a completely different genre, something I actually struggle to pinpoint, read below, so it is good the EP is coming out under a different name to avoid confusion.

The opener Fight or Flight roars out with classic heavy metal, almost Judas Priest-like, riffs and shows its chops throughout the song, complemented with steady drumming and cymbal riding over the top. One could say that the solo work, while impressive, goes a little crazy at times, but Fight or Flight is only the beginning of this total swinging from one fence to another, the manifestation of this fever to do more completely taking over the artist. Title track may have muddy Accept melodies in it, but vocal efforts, while trying to project manliness, totally sing White Lion to me. To prove the point Metal Mayhem then goes ballistic with its Kreator inspired thrash, higher screams and reverberating riffs. Voices of the Dead may start all wistful and balladic, Jacob apparently enjoying some flowing acoustic strums, but after piping in some muscular solo work the full-on stomp is on, leading to a savage aggressive metalcore end. To define For the Fallen Ones is futile, to enjoy it completely is a function of what point on the EP you elect as a starting one. Combine the eclectic nature of the expression, vocal range from boyish to angry, and pepper it with leading guitar work often extending the songs’ length, while overplaying its hand, and you will understand that I struggled to fully accept For the Fallen Ones. While Feign was right there, easy on the ears, the self-titled project is hard to peg.

Promising in terms of its music playing talents, Jacob Lizotte seems to have lost his way a bit in terms of songwriting on this EP, but separate moments, if plucked out on their own merits, prove that the potential is there.

Killing Songs :
Still scratching my head
Alex quoted 62 / 100
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