Midnight Eternal - Self-Titled(Midnight Eternal)
Inner Wound Recordings
Symphonic Metal
12 songs ()
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Hailing from New York, Symphonic metallers Midnight Eternal, release their full length debut. Last year I had the opportunity to review their two song demo, which was brief but impressed with what I heard. Singer, Raine Hilai's voice came across as unique to the genre, and stood on its own, next to the many voices that make up the genre. The musicianship as well showed a band, that used all the various elements of the genre, with some added technical prowess. With the self titled, the question remained could they build upon the two song demo, and make a full disc equally good. 'Till The Bitter End will remind some veteran listeners of the genre, of bands like, Delain with its symphonic build up. A steady mid-paced drum beat is heard over the guitar power chord riffs with a few flourishes of strings and piano as well. The technical prowess I mentioned earlier, can be heard halfway through the song with the guitar solo. Repentance follows and its a much faster song, one of the fastest on the entire disc. Male backup vocals are heard courtesy of guitarist Richard Fischer and bassist Greg Manning. Signs Of Fire, you can see HERE, and it is one of the best songs on the entire disc. Shadow Falls, is one of my favorite songs since I started listening to the disc, the last few weeks. The guitar solo in the intro is memorable as well as the speedier yet melodic nature of the song. Keyboardist Boris Zaks and Fischer also have a nice trade off near the last third of the song. The Lantern is a very unique song, and stands out like a stranger compared to the other songs on the disc. This could be defined as a ballad, that switches between Hilai and one of her male bandmates on vocals. This is a very effective approach on this song. Hilai sounds enchanting has an ethereal feeling to her vocals. Fischer's tasteful guitar solo really builds upon what is heard in the verses and chorus. It is a bit repetitive but the solo, does give the song enough of a break in the middle. Believe In Forever is a speedy song just under three minutes long, that is similar to the other faster songs that come before it. The next two songs were featured on the two song EP, that I reviewed earlier last year, that you can see HERE. Like An Eternity is a five minute plus song, with a faster tempo, and a few death vocals thrown in for good measure. They are done sporadically and don't overshadow any other part of the song. Silence is mid paced song, that has some tasteful keyboards from Zaks. This is another case of a faster song with tons of melody and hooks. Pilgrim and the Last Voyage is a two minute plus instrumental, that definitely shows the talent of all the musicians involved. First Time Thrill is just under eight minutes and fifty seconds. It is a song that encompasses everything the band has put forward so far. The faster, the mid tempo, the always melodic nature of the band, and has added some dynamics, that makes the length just epic enough!

Midnight Eternal is definitely a band of professionals, who know how to write music. Raine Hilai's voice will be something you either love or hate, but I personally find it original, and combined with the musicianship, allows Midnight Eternal to stand out and by their European counterparts. If you love or even have a passing interest in Symphonic Metal, this is truly a disc to not miss.

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Killing Songs :
Signs Of Fire, Shadows Fall, When Love and Hate Collide, First Time Thrill
Joel quoted 86 / 100
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