Azziard / Nirnaeth - split
Black Death Metal
2 songs (10'00")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

If a few weeks ago I had a Greek stretch, then this week I'm staying in France. (Watching EURO'16 helps to stay in the mood). On tap then is what is to be said the first for Kaotoxin 7" vinyl EP split between homegrown Azziard and Nirnaeth. While Nirnaeth is trending closer to the 2nd generation Scandinavian black metal on Nihil in Me, relying on melodic tremolo and frozen landscapes, albeit with a thrashier side, Azziard track Unus Mundus caught my attention. To imagine Azziard riffs one needs to picture a butcher's hatchet attached to a constantly rotating wheel, chopping through wet and sloppy carcasses. Rotation speed set to “fast”, all of this is supported by juicy percussion and featuring a depraved melody, Azziard certainly has a deathlike disposition to their black metal. Exalted vocals follow the pattern, Unus Mundus moving on to the exhausting conclusion when everything is splat and gore and there is no more flesh to be cut. Recommended if you are in the mood for blood.

Killing Songs :
Unus Mundus
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