Magma Dragon - Path to the Citadel: The Saga of Janina and Arthas
Symphonic Power Metal
4 songs (25:00)
Release year: 0
Reviewed by Joel
Magma Dragon is a Power Metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA(my hometown). With this EP the band follows their full length release, Full Action Attack(A very good full length album that can also be downloaded below at the Bandcamp link). Power Metal in the truest form with songs about battles, struggles between good and evil, life and death. This four song EP is a great introduction to the band, and since its short I'll get a brief overview of each song.

Power Eternal: A beautiful well written short orchestration opens the song, before blastbeats of drums and a lead synth takes over. As the first verse kicks in, the song shifts into a symphonic power metal groove, with the unique vocals of Kara Phillips. She is not operatic, or pseudo-anything. She has a tone that I think the genre has never heard, and I think besides the songwriting gives the band their identity.

Battle for Stratholme: Mercy Skye(keyboardist), opens the song up with a short classical melody that leads into the galloping rhythms of the song. What I really like is that this is a Power Metal band who plays fast, but isn't doing so just for the sake of being fast. The last minute of the song, is all instrumental, and I think for the sake of the story is dramatic, with different vocal effects.

Rebirth: The epic intro with vocal chants, leads into Dan Clark's(guitars) guitar riffs, as the song develops with a mid paced tempo. The dynamics they use in this song, from their galloping rhythms, to slowing it down, or the percussive fills all add to the epic-ness that is Rebirth. This song could easily fit on a Spotify or internet radio playlist with the heavyweights of the genre.

Lament of the Fallen: The ballad Lament of the Fallen, shows another side of the band. A simple acoustic melody from Clark is the backdrop to Phillip's clear vocals that shine through. She sings with great passion during the songs softer moments. As the song kicks into a heavier high gear, that emotion continues. A stop and go riff that dominates most of the second half of the song. There is one surprise moment where the band goes full throttle only to return to that main riff again. The use of sound effects(crow, owl, wind) are used to good cinematic effect in the beginning and the end of the song, with over staying their welcome.

If this was what we can expect from a full length album, then this easily could have been my "Surprise Of The Month." With unique vocals for the genre, that allow the band to stand apart from their contempoaries. You can download Magma Dragon's Path to the Citadel: The Saga of Janina and Arthas at BANDCAMP. If you love Symphonic Power Metal at all, this will be worth the time to download, and if you still love collecting cd's, get the limited edition from Bandcamp as well. Also check out the band on FACEBOOK. A great EP that will leave Power Metal fans waiting and wanting more!
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