Sleep of Monsters - Poison Garden
Svart Records
Goth/Progressive Occult Rock
9 songs (47'00'')
Release year: 2016
Sleep of Monsters, Svart Records
Reviewed by Jared

Metal Reviews has been somewhat of a diary for me at times, and with how things have been going for me, I have a lot to catch up on. After starting my new career, writing about metal was put on hold longer than I would have liked. Luckily coming back into this, I’m glad to have such a great record waiting for me. The Finnish rock band Sleep of Monsters is a group I am extremely unfamiliar with. Their sophomore album Poison Garden however has been greatly anticipated after their well-received debut album Produces Reason released in in 2013. This Gothic and progressive occult rock band truly was a warm welcome back to writing.

Opening things up with Poison King, the music takes things up to a grand scale immediately with powerful choirs. Less metal and more progressive Goth rock, I tend to avoid these kinds of bands, but the song writing and catchy choruses really drives a hook deep into you that difficult to remove. Continuing along, the great hooks keep coming with Golden Bough. The music can become symphonic at times that create beautiful soundscapes, but there is a chilling and haunting atmosphere very much present in each and every track in Poison Garden.

Later on, the track Our Dark Mother really caught my ears by surprise. The music begins slowly with a spooky vibe. Though the track may not be the loudest on the album, this more medium paced track hits in all the right places to create a striking sound. Land of Nod ends the album in a grand fashion, revisiting the grand choirs, and even getting a bit folky with the guitar play style, but nonetheless Sleep of Monsters ends everything on a memorable note.

Poison Garden may not be an album I typical boast about, but the more than solid song writing, great vocals, and catchy hooks made this a Goth rock venture that I will gladly take many more times this year.

Killing Songs :
Poison King, Golden Bough, Our Dark Mother, Land of Nod
Jared quoted 88 / 100
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