Panzerbastard - MotorHeathen
PATAC Records
Thrashy Hardcore Punk
4 songs (11'00")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

Boston, Massachusetts, may be thought of as this prim and proper cultural capital of the US Northeast, but apparently there are dungeon holes in that town where hardcore punk bands like Panzerbastard dwell. And dwell they do for decades, spewing forth EPs and split releases. MotorHeathen is another one in the line of those, four tracks ranging from pure madness to something frankly unexpected.

Opening Shaman is mad as hell, stumbling over itself and discombobulatedly short. It roars in, yells for a while, and is gone before you know it, creating the unsettled spirit. The Devil Wins Every Time and Traitor, especially the former, align, in a rather catchy fashion, hardcore, punk and Motorhead. Exceptionally strong bass pulsates along and flows through a prominent solo on The Devil Wins Every Time, while Traitor finds more chaos in the end.

It is the closing title track which is totally different, however, from anything thrashy hardcore punk calls home. Slower and steady, melodically stout, the song flows over deliberate double bass, leaving an impression of a moody Viking anthem, not totally bent on destruction, at least not in a punky sort of way.

A few quick blows to the head followed by a final body punch, MotorHeathen can provide a knock out within its quick 11 min worth of playing time.

Killing Songs :
The Devil Wins Every Time, MotorHeathen
Alex quoted 73 / 100
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