Forged in Black - Fear Reflecting Fear
Self released
Dark Heavy Metal
4 songs (21'22")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

British Forged in Black represent darker and progressive brand of heavy metal, while trying not to forget about thrashy, more aggressive aspect of the music. This, in fact, takes them a little further from the NWOBHM native shores and brings them across the pond, closer to American bands like Savatage and Iced Earth.

For the first pair of tracks Forged in Black weave dark melodies, twin their guitars, sing catchy chorus refrains (Fear Reflecting Fear), revel in lengthy instrumental, yet head banging, passages. The title track even begins with an orchestral arrangement, plus a violin and some wind instrument sound. But the spirit of the EP is not to entangle you in the complexity of notes, but to bring forth heavier sounds and maintain dark brooding atmosphere, and that is why I am thinking Savatage when I listen to the title track or 1000 Wings. Powerful clean vocals by Chris Storozynsk help to cement that impression and he even has some harsher backing, sort of like what Jon Oliva was providing for Zac Stevens on latter Savatage albums. At the same time Chris is capable of a Halfordian scream, evidenced by the end of 1000 Wings, but he doesn't go there often.

Renegade of the Last Rite is a much more aggressive track, with shifting tempos and guitar acrobatics, in the style of Iced Earth, but it did not grab me as much as the first two songs. The Shadows Still Remain goes from fluid to lumbering, employs protracted solos, and tends to stack various parts a little haphazardly, something Forged in Black does throughout EP from time to time. This loose attitude towards transitions within songs and snare drum sound which is somewhat dry are the only moments I spotted on Fear Reflecting Fear I would have wanted done differently. Nevertheless, the EP is enjoyable and rather consistent, even if not groundbreaking.

Killing Songs :
Fear Reflecting Fear, 1000 Wings
Alex quoted 75 / 100
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