Iron Fire - Among the Dead
Crime Records
Heavy Power Metal
12 songs (71'32)
Release year: 2016
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Reviewed by Chris
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It’s been four years since Iron Fire released an album, a little long for my taste, since I just love this band. I even if it had it’s up and downs over the years and the many, many lineup changes. I’ve in fact used the name of the band for one of the battleships in my Universe in Flames novels (with the band’s concent of course). And before you rejoice at seeing me writing reviews regularly this will probably be my last review for a while. I’ve been suffering of a little of a writer’s block with many things happening in my life at the moment, so I thought I might as well write a few reviews :).

Now on to Among the Dead. Iron Fire’s previous album was quite a departure from their usual rompy power metal sound but a welcome one. While I still hold Thunderstorm and To the Grave to the highest regards and their finest albums, The Voyage of the Damned showed another side for this band, a darker, moodier side. Among the Dead not only follows that trend, but it actually is the band’s heavier album to date! Riffs are sharp and vocals are harsher, Martin Steene has somehow infused some Metallica into them, and it’s no surprise to see a cover of Whom the Bell Tolls (albeit slightly butchered, no offense, I love Iron Fire but I rarely enjoy their covers, like Under Jolly Roger from the debut album which was equally not to my taste whatsoever, but then that doesn’t stop me to find Thunderstorm to be one of the best, most addictive Power Metal albums ever released to this day).

One thing that surprised me was that I was expecting an album called Inferno who was to be a rendition of the Dante’s Inferno nine circles of Hell. They had even released a “single” on iTunes in 2014 I think (I invite you to go listen to it, it’s awesome!), which happens to be a Virgin Steele cover (A Token of my Hatred), but so Iron Firerized (I know this ain’t an English word btw) that I didn’t even recognize until it was pointed to me. So yeah I know I said I’m not a huge fan of their covers, but this one is different, it’s actually better than the original (for me at least). It’s a pity that it isn’t on this album instead of the Metallica’s cover. Still… Inferno must have either been cancelled or put on the backburner for this Zombie concept album. I can’t hihglight how heavy this album that took its place is though. And you know me; I’m more a fan of melodic stuff, but I have to admit that the heavier songs, huge riffs, beefier vocals and always majestic guitars (great solos!) have conquered me after only a couple of spins. 

The album is clocking at almost 72 minutes, and the songs are all pretty long ones, from 5+ to 7+ minutes. It’s one hell of a headbanger album overall, and like with pretty much every Iron Fire albums, it’s one that will grow more on you with repeated listens. It’s raw, it’s powerful, and quite epic then and there. Martin’s vocals, while unmistakable, clearly show a new facet on this album. It’s quite clear he injected some Metallica juice in his band’s sound, one that really gives them that sharp and heavy edge.

What I like with Iron Fire lately is that you never really know what to expect (and I’m not talking of the On the Edge’s fiasco here, a mistep long forgotten). This band is able to come with a really different sound and varied songs, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, boy oh boy is this album heavy to the core! The band has thrown us another curve ball (the previous opus was one too, albeit a dark and progressive one), and I must say that I’m quite impressed with Among the Dead. Thumbs up!
Killing Songs :
All of them, but my favorite are The Last Survivor, Tornado of Sickness, Ghost from the Past & Hammer of the Gods.
Chris quoted 84 / 100
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