Anarion - The Journey Begins
Season Of Mist
Heavy Metal From The 80's
9 songs (59'35)
Release year: 2001
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Danny

Here comes one of these many underground bands that try to "escape the shade".

Anarion, which are influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Helloween, play a pure heavy metal vintage from the 80's. The song-writing is typical - with the usual verse-bridge-chorus-solo - and there is no doubt this guys have grown up listening the same type of music then I did. Anarion comes from Victoria in Australia and I was very astonished to discover the ring of The Lord of The Ring ... on the cover-art, which is an audacious bet.

The singer is a bit "short" when he has to deliver high pitched notes, but Riccardo Mecchi sings well and with practice, I am sure he will become a great heavy metal shooter. I hope however, for him and for the band, he will add something more personal (emotions) to his voice. Musically speaking it goes quite fast, the guitar solos are excellent, the rhythm "fast as a shark" sometimes and the songs are pretty good. The production could have been better, but for a first shot (to be considered as a demo I believe), it is more than decent. Space-time, Earth Reborn & My Own are excellent tracks that should help the band to find a label - I suppose this is not the case yet. The instrumental track is also very well done.

Almost one hour of pure 80's heavy metal, this is what The Journey begins... is all about. Fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Helloween will be interested by Anarion sooner or later. Of course, Anarion will have to "train themselves" a lot as their direct influences are too dominant here .... and they will have to deliver even better songs to see the spotlight falling on them, but this album let me think they have all it taste to succeed.

I am waiting for their next album with interest .... which is already a victory guys, as you cannot imagine the number of craps that finish in my "recycle bin".

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Danny quoted 62 / 100
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