Rage Of Light - Chasing The Reflection
5 songs (24)
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Joel
Rage Of Light from Switzerland, is unique study in modern melodic metal(with death metal influence). Chasing The Reflection is their debut EP, and combines elements of electronic music and melodic death metal(NO this NOT, and I repeat NOT a Amaranthe clone!). Since there are only five songs, I will give a brief description of each.

Beautiful Slave: Opens briefly with piano and electronics, before the guitars and drums kick in. The combination of riffs and electronic/synths is actually pretty infectious. Melissa's vocals are sung cleanly till she trades guttural with guitarist, Jonathan( I do mean guttural, in an Angela Gossow(ex Arch Enemy for Melissa) kind of way.

Deception: Opens up very similar, and it is the song that introduced me to the band. There is obvious talent within the musicians in the band, and the tremolo palm muted riffing of this song are performed with technical precision. The growl trade offs begin, while the chorus is an infection cleanly sung melody by Melissa. Watch the video, HERE.

Lollipop(Candyman): Is a cover of the Aqua(yes the Barbie song!) song. This song should be a parody or not work at all, and it actually does work well. There is something infectious about the song and I can definitely say it is not the lyrics, but the way the band has made the melody work in a metal sense. Video can be seen, HERE

Sick: Is one of my favorite songs, with its lead guitar playing(a great showcase of Jonathan's skills), and its frenetic back and forth pace. This song is more straight ahead melodic modern death metal with less electronics.

Requiem: Has some great dynamics working for it, from the frenetic speed in the beginning, to the lead guitar playing, to Melissa switching between her growls and crystal clear clean vocals. Requiem is definitely a good song that ends the EP a lot like it began, fast and frenetic.

I am looking forward to seeing what Rage Of Light can do with a full album, and to see if it can remain fresh for a good forty to fifty minutes. Either way this EP is infectious, melodic, heavy, fast, and frenetic(don't think I have used that word in a review as much as I have for this one), and enjoyable for metalheads who are definitely not metal(True) elitist.
Killing Songs :
Sick, Requiem
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