Halshug - Sort Sind
Southern Lord
Hardcore Punk
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Release year: 2016
Southern Lord
Reviewed by Alex

My forays into hardcore punk have been consistent recently, albeit ginger in numbers. (Martyrdod rules, by the way, but I will try to get to it some other time). On display today we have the Danes Halshug, and if others may have thought that hardcore punk is more about ribbing fun, Sort Sind is definitely more about the hardcore side of the genre.

I am wholeheartedly against human torture of any kind, but if the maim chamber had a soundtrack it be the opening title track from Sort Sind. Whimpering sounds coming from a broken man morph into a harsh industrial beat, which goes on grinding any listener into submission, be it easy to accept or not. This is raw, nervy, primitive, with relentless guitars and hurtful Rammstein rhythm. Morket Falder is akin to Sort Sind, although not as impactful, but the band is not determined to deliver only deliberately measured doses of pain. No, the album is meant to hurt on more levels than one.

Helvede is an absolute debauchery, Indre Fraengsel has more tempo as well, and can be colored as shifting into a more punky chaotic side of spectrum, but still hell bent on landing blows. Udskud throws slop and dirt around in the amounts there won't be enough soap to wash off, and every little guitar touch there just presses the track even further into murky sands. Halshug guitars have that propensity to come up with a little, plunging circular riff, making you chase your own real or imaginary tail, the vicious spin you can't break out of, walls around you pushing in consistently. Towards the end of the album Nederlag and Ensom Dod shift to be more catchy and melodic, leaving some delectable touches in the form of short leads.

A very muscular and unstoppable force, you will have to shape a strong gut and even stronger ear to be able to withstand Sort Sind.

Killing Songs :
Sort Sind
Alex quoted 77 / 100
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