Callidice - Scarlet
Inverse Records
Melodic Gothic Death Metal
5 songs ()
Release year: 2016
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

In the promotional literature for young Finns Callidice it is said that they are trying to craft their own brand of Finnish melancholic metal, and all references to any established acts are avoided. Naturally, while trying to take stock of their Scarlet EP, my brain constantly turned to trying to find some references.

Then I had a chance to go to a Dark Tranquillity concert this weekend in my neck of the woods, and while I am not saying Callidice is out there to copy famous Swedes, I started feeling the same intent emanating from Scarlet that Dark Tranquillity is expressing with their modern days efforts. Take opener Rightful Bullet. With tight rhythmic riffs and audible synths touches, catchy melodies delivered in spots and alternating (or doubling in the case of the Rightful Bullet chorus) growling and cleaner singing, Callidice is after a direct hitting, easily comprehendible modern heavy music with emphasis on digestability and quality sound production. Whereas Dark Tranquillity from there are trying to layer things up with brooding moods and philosophical lyrics, Callidice tend to take roads which are simpler and more travelled. They are not screwing their brains, and go for harsh slamming knee-breaking syncopation on King Aside, while softening things up with a clean gothically leaning chorus in the traditions of Finnish melancholy on Beast in Me. And so these short punchy songs, which don’t overstay their welcome, continue to vacillate, depicting both anxious yet gloomy youth, without grey hair or long beards spotted on life hardened older members of metal community. Callidice on Scarlet are melancholic gothic melodic death metal from the standpoint of younger generation.

Their title track closing anthem can be used as a reference point on what the band is about. Helicopter riffs, some obvious clean singing spots and drumming, which does not build into a continuous double bass wall, but, instead, uses short explosive bursts. All of this depicts a competent quality effort from the Finns, but this effort somehow will not build them into an outsiders with hard to define genre boundaries. On the opposite, it may place them in overcrowded quarters, and only time will tell if proficiency alone will help Callidice rise above the rest.

Killing Songs :
Rightful Bullet, Scarlet
Alex quoted 72 / 100
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