Infinite Spectrum - Haunter Of The Dark
Sensory Records
Progressive Metal
10 songs (71:00)
Release year: 2016
Sensory Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
When the day comes and you have no idea what you are going to review, and you are looking for something completely new, and you get to pick from a list of bands, and you go by the name of the band, hence Infinite Spectrum came into play. Never heard of the US based band in my life, and after some research, as well as knowing they are progressive rock and metal label, Sensory Records, I knew there was a very good chance I was going to like it. Was it going to be more traditional rock? Was I expecting something like Dream Theater or even Symphony X? Or quite possibly touches of Ayreon? The story to Haunter Of The Dark is based on the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name. Albums usually based on literary influences, can be either amazing, or drowned with so much content, to fit in just under eighty minutes of music. With all the content, the album offers, there is no way I could describe each song, without ruining what the songs are truly about. Federal Hill starts ominously, and introduces are main character, who is vocally portrayed by singer, Will Severin who has one hell of a voice. There is no other way to describe his voice, he can capture various emotions, with his vocals, and the musicianship from the other members of the band, equally match his talent. Some of the most tasteful keyboard leads I have heard in a long time are filled throughout the disc. Guitars are also a focal point of the band, from soft clean arpeggio rhythms to heavy crunching rhythms, to emotional solos that are equal parts shred and melodic. The eighteen minute juggernaut that is The Church, is one of those epics, that at its length, takes you on a musical journey. I never once felt bored, or curious as to when it would end. While for dramatic effect the song, does come nearly to a halt musically just before five minutes, Severin's vocals carry those moments of the song perfectly. Other songs like the ballad The Stranger Things I've Learned, dial back the progressive nature of the band, but is still equally powerful and moving. The rest of the songs that follow, allow you to emotionally invest for just over seventy one minutes of the discs running length. As I said earlier, telling you anything more about each song, would actually be a disservice to the band.

Haunter Of The Dark is one of the best progressive rock and metal discs I have heard in a very long time. I am a huge fan of progressive rock and metal, that ranges from Kansas to Symphony X to even heavier bands like Meshuggah, so when I get something like this out of nowhere, it is a pleasant surprise. This was a difficult review to write, because of all of the content here. This album is an investment in time, one that truly should be enjoyed with a great pair of headphones, and seventy plus minutes you can dedicate to hearing every little nuisance in the music, every vocal line. Infinite Spectrum is definitely on my radar for the future, and easily one of the best releases I have heard and reviewed all year.

Killing Songs :
Federal Hill, The Calling, The Church
Joel quoted 87 / 100
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