GreyAblaze - GreyAblaze
Ashen Dominion
Melodic Black / Post-Black Metal
5 songs (38'29")
Release year: 2016
Reviewed by Alex

If one were to comment I am reviewing GreyAblaze, an eponymous older 2013 release by this Ukrainian collective re-released in 2016 by Ashen Dominon, because GreyAblaze is a homey pick representing Ukrainian melodic black/post-black metal, this is exactly the intention. I wanted to draw your consideration to this short album, because I happen to think it is an excellent one.

GreyAblaze is a creation of mostly Astargh (Elderblood), but also Helg from Khors. If Elderblood tends to be a little more symphonic and modernly produced, GreyAblaze is quite a bit more personal and unveils textured sound reminiscent of Drudkh and early Khors with guitars worn as one seamless shroud, wrapped around the listener’s head in endless layers. Through this stratum keyboards poke through, rather prominently, dropping down notes like cold daggers (I), making you focus. The distorted, smeared out guitars constantly bring on unhurried floating music, full of melancholic melodies. Without an overt folk slant of Drudkh or Khors (unless maybe the opening of V and this composition’s guitars sounding like gusli in spots), without forced harshness, you just sit there and absorb these cuts from epic grandeur of II, which reminded me of Munruthel’s latest, to tragically heroic IV, also with its penetrating keys – these songs on GreyAblaze constantly drowning you in melody. Rising, bubbling, worshipping melodies, with tremolos periodically adding urgency, GreyAblaze also is carried on by Astargh’s voice, screams burning as if hot coals were stuck in his throat. Call him Russian Pete Tagtren, if you wish, since from what I am hearing the lyrics are sung in Russian, not Ukrainian.

This may be only 38 min, and it may be 3 years old, but I loved it. It simply allowed me to forget whatever concerns I had at the time. Trying to comprehend someone else’s pain and melancholy I forgot my own. GreyAblaze is a cleansing experience if there was one.

Killing Songs :
Loved it all, hard to pick, once you get into this, it is just all so encompassing
Alex quoted 90 / 100
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