Light & Shade - The Essence of Everything
Scarlet Records
11 songs (54:45)
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Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month
Light & Shade is a new band formed by Marco Pastorino(Secret Sphere/Temperance). It also introduces Adrienne Cowan, who unleashes her crazy vocal range on every song. Every song falls between genres and best can be described as Symphonic Power Prog. The first song, with vocals is Drown In the Absurdity, which unleashes her ferocious go-for-your-throat growling vocals. When she sings she has a nice tone, though at times, she has no restraint, and the higher notes come off as banshee screams(again personal taste, and I am not complaining). The power-prog and the more melodic, comes with the song Spirit Of Anne. Pastorino, and the rest of the musicians here, definitely show their musical chops. You Are in my opinion is the catchiest and most melodic song on the disc. The piano overtones, with the driving riffs, and Pastorino/Cowan duet, really make this the bands most complete song. She at times, sounds subdued compared to what came before. Does not take long for her to unleash her full vocal range, especially the last chorus of the song, where she really lets loose. You can watch the video, HERE. The next two songs( Meet Me in Summer and Brokenhearted) have a very similar feel of melodicness and tempo. Another highlight is the most simple song, and that is Lionhearted. A beautiful acoustic song with a beautifully restrained vocal performance from Cowan. Wander So Far is chaotic, from death metal, to gentle and soft three quarters of the way through. Again you will either love or hate how Cowan uses her voice, but there is no denying the talent she has. I really enjoy the lower end of Cowan's clean singing range, and that is heard throughout Welcome The Cold. The piano arpeggios add a nice dynamic to the song as well. This song has also one of my favorite guitar solos as well. The title track is next, and is the longest track at seven and a half minutes. The song covers everything you heard before from the band so far. The softer and heavier dynamics, the layers of instrumentation, and one hell of a melodic guitar solo opens it up. The final song is a gentle and beautiful acoustic duet between Pastorino and Cowan titled, Essence Of You. Again this may not be for everyone, but at the same time, Light & Shade offer something different than your average symphonic or power-progressive band. This is a great debut, and hopefully not a one-off release, with all the groups Pastorino is in. Speaking of other groups, if you really enjoy Cowan's vocals, check out her band on Facebook, Seven Spires.
Killing Songs :
Spirit of Anne, You Are, Lionheart, Brokenhearted,
Joel quoted 84 / 100
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