Anthology - Angel's Revenge
Symphonic/Melodic Power Metal
9 songs (42'04'')
Release year: 2016
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Reviewed by Jared

Independent bands are probably the most excited I become when discovering new artists. Nothing intrigues me more than the current young talent metal is offering, and hell, sometimes there’s some truly hidden gems out there who should be seeing a bit more light. This week the unsigned band Anthology, hailing from Slovakia, was at the forefront of my list of albums to dig into.

Angel’s Revenge is the second full-length album from the female fronted group. My recent experiences with symphonic bands has been bland to say the least, but this week Anthology had the correct recipe to fulfill my appetite. The opening track has a cinematic start, with some spoken dialogue to amp up the following, and very solid track, Devoted Soul. The symphonic side provides an epic atmosphere right from the start and even better yet, the guitars have a vigorous melodic power metal feel. To polish it off nicely, a beautiful and catchy vocal performance makes it for a track that’s hard to not hit repeat even well after many listens.

Against the Wind gets more battle hardened, with great power metal style double bass, that provides a violent clash with the beautiful melodic guitars. The solo here, by both guitars and keyboards, is a face-melter for sure that demonstrates the band's extraordinary musicianship.

Death growls do make themselves present throughout the album, which was unexpected, but very fitting, especially with the intensity that The Revenge of Angels brings to the plate. A much more hostile sound is heard, but mixes well with softer moments such as the show stealing vocal chorus that couldn’t be catchier.

The album does contain one song that stretches longer than the rest reaching at about over seven minutes in length. The Labyrinth of Evil is the true gem of Angel’s Revenge. Mixing a variety of emotions, the song never grows boring in the slightest. Just about everything is thrown at you here, providing even more gorgeous vocals and melodically superb guitars. The track does get get a bit folky at a certain moment, but there is no doubt that this track is a grandeur experience and impressively written.

It is always a joy when an independent band blows you away and Anthology did just that. After my recent dull experience with Sonata Arctica’s latest record, Angel’s Revenge was a very welcomed encounter. It amazes me with this kind of talent that Anthology have not been signed. Anthology makes a powerful statement on their second album, showcasing a masterfully melodic sound with considerable strength in both symphonic and power metal. Recommended.

Killing Songs :
Devoted Soul, Against the Wind, The Revenge of Angels
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