Praecognitvm - Inalienable Catharsis
Iron Bonehead Productions
Loopy Black Metal
4 songs (26'42")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

Praecognitvm duo may be Chilean, but you would never guess it if I didn’t tell you. The band definitely lacks the traits often characterizing black/death collectives from South America as burning churning cauldrons. It is hard for me to know what lyrical matters Inalienable Catharsis covers, but if it is also about the dark side, then the face of evil in Praecognitvm interpretation is rather sickly and pallid as opposed to bursting with flames. The whole demo, although at 26+ min and outstanding sound quality I hesitate to call it such, has a very unique distinct guitar sound. Note bending makes it range from sickly to angsty and bouncy, the strange feeling of grief gets to you eventually every time (Path to Oblivion). It is if you are looking at the picture, while it slowly dwindles and ebbs in its clarity, the smell of sickly rotten flowers overtakes the room, the voice keeps falling down into the endless hole, and you can choose right then and there to get exalted and undergo catharsis, as the title suggests. Path to Oblivion and Reminiscence have that absolutely special character where strange loopy feeling in the end always succumbs to quieter brood. Ashes and Blood may open and close that way, but has more straightforward black metal melodic explosion in the middle.

Inalienable Catharsis is an unexpected experience I can totally recommend in lieu of psychedelic drugs.

Killing Songs :
Path to Oblivion, Reminiscence
Alex quoted 85 / 100
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