Ygfan - Kod
Atmospheric Black Metal
4 songs (31'26")
Release year: 2015
Reviewed by Alex

Hungarian Ygfan rode enough with me in the car, and got so many listens that in the end it would be simply unfair if I did not review it, even though the album came out in the middle of 2015. So the hope is that at least this review gives Kod some recognition.

The work of heretofore completely unknown to me group of Hungarian musicians delivers atmospheric black metal as it was meant to be composed if ambient environment and wildlife were the inspiration. Replete with nature sounds at the beginning and the end of the four long nameless stanzas, Ygfan moves on to alternate dense cutting guitars with much cleaner atmospheric passages. Perhaps conditioned to hear native Hungarian melodies by Thy Catafalque I am recognizing some authenticity in Ygfan’s pieces as well. Voices range from desperate yells to aloof distracted clean singing, and the whole album overall, with I and II in particular, feels like walking in a foggy bog, and I said it BEFORE I saw the cover art. Even though at times there is a hard push with a blasting moment, most of the time persistent tremolo wafts over the atmospheric background. This is music to float by, with parts repeating, but when there is a jolt to wake up to, you will feel it immediately.

The four tracks making up Kod are rather similar stylistically or in terms of songwriting structure. There are few subtle differences. III unfolds steadily, but grows crazy in the end. IV opens up with jazzy stumbling percussion and dreamy vocals, but slicing guitars and crazy voices return.

If you want to de-adrenalize, to get in a mood to calm down and not sit there picking out every detailed morsel in a composition, but instead want to absorb music as a whole and allow yourself to drift, Ygfan’s Kod is just the right thing to experience.

Killing Songs :
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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