Vhäldemar - Old King's Visions
Fighter Records
Traditional Heavy Metal
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Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

I have never heard of Spanish Vhaldemar, but they have been kicking it around since the beginning of the century, releasing albums on a pretty regular one-per-two year’s basis. Notably, every release of Vhaldemar’s has a song titled Old King’s Visions, and this last EP not only has Part V installment of Old King’s Visions (titled 1366), the band even named the whole EP after their favorite theme.

How connected Old King’s Visions songs are throughout Vhaldemar’s career I wouldn’t know. What I do know, however, for a fact, if there is music to inject a dose of testosterone, and put you in touch with your masculine side, then Old King’s Visions certainly accomplishes that. The Spaniards don’t waste a second and plunge right into it from the word ‘go’, playing old school metal with gruff leading vocals (all reminiscent of Grave Digger), only with machine-like drumming and modernized production. There are hooky riffs in 1366, chorus to engrain in your memory and something to sing along with while you get to know Vhaldemar. The gallop of I Will Stand Forever may be simple in its chord sequences, but it is overtly melodic and the band seems to enjoy themselves very much, while also piping in quirky solos along the way. After a mid-way Intro, which is mostly piano musings, Vhaldemar seizes onto the hook of Howling at the Moon and proceeds with unrelenting, almost excessive, double bass. Melodic twists have certain degree of folksiness to them, reminding of Dark Moor, and Howling at the Moon also sees a good use of gang vocals. If there is an opposite of fruity power metal, Vhaldemar is it, almost directly in your face in this manner.

The cover of Helloween’s Gorgar from Walls of Jericho could not have been a more perfect pick for Vhaldemar. Whereas the song seemed a little chuggy and out of place on the EP by the legendary German speed metallers, here, when Vhaldemar can latch onto that signature heavy riff, the song has a definite home on the EP. Muscular to a default, the Spaniards don’t forget a quick classic Per Gunt by Grieg insert, which rounds Gorgar into completion.

If you are after intricate in heavy metal, or prefer softer or more symphonic touch, Old King’s Visions will disappoint. If you simply want to strap it on and plow straight through the traditional old school approach, this is a quick fix of caffeinated metal along the lines of the aforementioned Grave Digger and maybe Lost Horizon or Portuguese Ironsword.

Killing Songs :
1366 and Gorgar is covered really well
Alex quoted 80 / 100
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