Caina - Cara Neir - split
Broken Limbs Recordings
Mix of styles from black industrial to atmospheric post-hardcore
2 songs (10'06")
Release year: 2017
Broken Limbs Recordings
Reviewed by Alex

The first, last and only time I heard anything by Cara Neir was on their split with Venowl a few years ago. Expecting more of the hardcore crust-punk, but receiving something in the post-hardcore atmospheric territory, I knew what to expect this time around. Stained Grey Bones, while not getting crusty again, had a lot more spine than I remember from the first time around. The song still relies on foggy tremolo, but has more steely structure and definitely an out of control voice. Flipping through the variety of genres, as usual, the band remains bipolar in their atmospheric post-hardcore approach, but Stained Grey Bones had a more positive reaction on me than what I heard a few years ago.

UK’s Caina is basically wrapping it up with the release of Rhosneigr on this split, after a number of releases on Profound Lore, some years as a solo project by ACB, and then finally a duo. Written as a precursor to an earlier 2016 album, Rhosneigr is a an interesting track. It opens up from an absolutely uncomfortable place, disturbed, alarming, with stumbling percussion and bouncy, raging vocals. 2 min in, however, the kaleidoscope shifts, rhythmic structure becomes a lot steadier propped by a machine gun industrial beat. Black metal melody starts floating, and Rhosneigr gains a gloomy feel of fatalistic reality the rest of the way. From displaced and angry to resigned and depressed, Caina covers the range of feelings with their last hurrah.

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