Internal Bleeding - Final Justice
Unique Leader Records
Death Metal
1 songs (4'05")
Release year: 2017
Internal Bleeding, Unique Leader Records
Reviewed by Alex

I have to admit I am reviewing this single, Final Justice by Internal Bleeding, not because I can’t wait to hear their upcoming Corrupting Influence full-length. Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of the veteran NYC death metal crew. While certainly brutal and visceral, their brand of slamming and grooving deathcore always seemed a little garbled to me, more on the instinctive and primitive level than technical. Their passion, although powerful, is more of that of the out of control moshpit than the dark brooding atmosphere I like in my favorite death metal bands. Final Justice is not different, perhaps a little more modernly produced, with the band getting just a little more polished in their hooks and twists, but maintaining the blue-collar NYC warehouse/shipyard attitude.

The reason I am reviewing this single is to draw attention to the recent tragedy. When battling a house fire in Queens, NY, Internal Bleeding drummer Bill Tolley fell to his death from the fifth story height. He left behind not only his drum chair in Internal Bleeding, but a family with a young daughter. Whenever I have a chance to conduct an interview with any band for MR, I always ask at the end what life occupations musicians have outside of metal. I always consider this a very important point, since almost nobody can support their and their family’s living by just playing metal music. Bill Tolley was no exception, only his profession as a firefighter exposed him to dangers some of us don’t see in our daily lives. Hoping to go on tour with Vader, he even had to scrounge his vacation days to be able to fill in most of the dates. For what the man has done, he is a hero, and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

Final Justice single was released one after Bill Tolley’s death, and Internal Bleeding decided to go on with the tour, since in their opinion it is what Bill would have wanted. Power to that, and I hope the band finds a lot of sympathy on the tour, even if my musical tastes don’t always overlap with theirs. To Bill Tolley, I obviously did not know you personally. To pass away under these circumstances is heartbreaking. I hope your family finds peace and solace, as difficult as it probably may be. I hope there are funds left behind to take care of them. RIP.

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