Devil's Hound - Depressive Letters
Self released
Dark Music
3 songs (7'28")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

I certainly cannot be accused of not reviewing enough or be biased against non-metal albums. Numerous dark acoustic or folk music releases were brought out into the spotlight and received praise by me. When the material is quality and hits all buttons, it is irrelevant to me if there are distorted guitars, riff heaviness or extreme vocals in the music. Sadly, Devil’s Hound only has a menacing name, but nothing of consequence after that for me to call it quality material.

Often bands get ridiculed when they create within a realm of one-man bedroom black metal. Lo-fi, they pretend to hide lack of ideas behind primitivism. Devil’s Hound is not necessarily lo-fi, it is actually pretty audible, but it certainly is short on ideas. For three tracks we get a pretty straightforward one-line little variety acoustic strum. There may be a few more developing layers in Drowned or Warm Me, but it never becomes polyphonic or deep. Couple that with soft vocals, recorded as if from the far corner of the same studio, reciting philosophical lyrics. It can be said that Depressive Letters was recorded in the atmosphere of a live take, but if you think of this release as a cup half empty, then the EP is basically a simplistic effort to force a release out on a strength of some one-dimensional acoustic guitar playing, and some plain vocals. If I heard this played in a corner of my favorite downtown coffee shop by some student novice I would not be surprised, but even then I wouldn't stick around for long trying to grasp the music.

Killing Songs :
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