Televisio - Televisio
Ektro Records
Avantgarde Electronic
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Release year: 2017
Ektro Records
Reviewed by Alex

Intrigued by a completely esoteric description on the promo sheet and the definition of “avant-garde electro” I thought I'd give Televisio a try. Finnish Ektro label is known for its extravagant releases and a self-titled album by this I-am-not-sure-what-to-make-of-it entity is up there as well.

I don't want to say I can create music like Televisio on my basement Yamaha electric piano, but I am certainly tempted to give it a try. Synthesizers first create a baseline and rhythms on Ykkonen and then more synth layers flow in forming a multilevel environment, going in endless loops with other little quirky blips and sounds popping up here and there. Producing a feel of a creepy soundtrack to a video game, Ykkonen certainly messes with your head and sets a tone. All instrumental, the album hardly deviates from the template of everything electronic, but Vitonen has a more natural drum sound and cymbal crushes, and Kolmonen also has percussion which sounded more natural to me, with synth providing runs and shimmers. As a result, Kolmonen has an impression of a weird nature show, while Kakkonen gives a feeling of anti-space, anti-vastness, where everything is compressed into confined tiny spaces. If I stare at the cover art, perhaps I can also conjure a feeling of being glued to an electronic screen, a modern age addict, and perhaps this is what Televisio is after, or perhaps we are allowed to come up with our own imagery. I would sure want to know what those one word Finnish titles (which sound a lot like last names) to the individual cuts mean, but it will obviously remain a mystery to me.

Almost too repetitive, I could use Televisio as background music. If anything, it didn't enthrall or mesmerize, but instead provided a feeling of disconnect and abstraction. Something I wish I had a lot more in my life, to just let it all go and isolate away from reality.

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Alex quoted 50 / 100
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