AfterTime - World We've Lost
4 songs (18:54)
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Joel
The first few notes of Rochester, Minnesota's Aftertime, you would have thought this was a symphonic metal band from Europe. Nope! Right from the Midwest USA, which also makes me happy(since I am Wisconsin, which is right next door). Sarah Wolf's vocals definitely are unique, and I can't say she sounds like anyone else in her genre. Her timbre and note selection as well as her tone, sets her apart from her contemporaries. World We've Lost is only a four song EP, so I will give a brief description of each song.

1.) World We've Lost: The title track as mentioned opens with a choir, with Wolf's voice shining above. The rest of the song is a speedy symphonic number that you may have heard in some ways before, but little musical nuisances as well as Wolf's voice, makes the song wholy original.

2.) Forge Your Destiny definitely has an After Forever or Epica vibe to their overall sound. From the opening swelling tones of the keys, to later in the song, the growling vocals. The rhythm, the choir, and even the riffs show the musical abilities of the band, the production shows the true dynamics the band has in their songwriting.

3.) The truly beautiful and emotional Reflection is next, and while no credit is given for the piano, it is very well played. A haunting minor key melody, with airy(a compliment!) and serene vocals of Wolf. This song truly captures her vocals as a whole. Her range, her tone, and the emotion the song takes you on for its almost four and half minute plus runtime. While the last minute and a half speeds up, the emotional build up from earlier in the song, does not die. I wish there was also more lead guitar, though I do like the tasteful melodies played here.

4.) My favorite riffs of the EP come in the last song, Masquerade, also the song has an infectious chorus as well. Wolf changes up her vocals as well and shows a little aggression on a few notes. Much like how the EP begins, it ends with another speedy symphonic metal song, that is well written, well performed(loved the lead guitar work!), and well sung.

I really hope this is just the beginning and that a full release does come soon. This is an American band who can run with the heavyweights of the genre, they definitely have the talent. Check out the bands Facebook by searching for AfterTime Band.
The Band IS:

Sarah Wolf - Vocals (2014 - present)
Chris Radke - Guitar (2011 - present)
Brad Sturgis - Guitar (2011- present)
Patton Hudella - Bass (2016 - present)
AJ Blakesley - Drums (2012 - present)

Killing Songs :
All four offer something different
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