Toseland - Fingers Burned
Commercial Rock
4 songs (16'11")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

Reviewing a band like Toseland (named after lead singer and probably main songwriter James Toseland) is really not my cup of tea. I rarely seek commercial radio friendly rock, but I will sneak a review of their EP Fingers Burned while no one is watching. No one is probably reading these reviews anyway.

Unbeknownst to me Toseland apparently has a history and this EP is both a recap and a look forward. And even though Toseland would not be my first choice of music, Fingers Burned is a pretty cool listen. Mid-tempo heavy rocker Bullet with prominent guitar solos and decent vocals reminded me of a more caustic Bon Jovi. On Reward cover Toseland imagine themselves to be more edgy rock'n'roll heroes, but show their softer side with semi-balladic Fingers Burned, which apparently is a revisit from a previous full-length album Cradle the Rage. Opening with piano, Fingers Burned has hooks, and indulges in a solo with somewhat bluesy tendencies. This song would do great if Toseland decides to visit our BBQ by the River festival this August.

We’ll Stop at Nothing is also lighters out strum and piano track, an acoustic rework of something from earlier days, where intention to win the crowd over is not too difficult to see. Yet, I prefer a rockier side to Toseland, as to sound like Scorpions is something they are not very adept at. More emotional dripping, catchier melodies and higher vocals would be needed. At the same time, the rock here on the EP is pretty cool, and I'm sure Toseland will take solace in that.

Killing Songs :
Fingers Burned
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