Moonaadem - Moonaadem
Self released
Atmospheric Black Metal
7 songs (32'26")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

Reviewing Moonaadem because the sole man creator Marwan Antonios comes from Lebanon is not the only reason, yet I have to admit that metal from places where the genre is not so prevalent intrigues me. Especially black metal from a majority Muslim country, even though Lebanon is quite cosmopolitan and Marwan Antonios sounds more Greek or Armenian (Lebanon is so multinational).

Of course all other projects by Marwan are a total unknown to me, so the statement that with Moonaadem he was searching for a ‘darker’ sound is just that. What I hear is someone fascinated with loads of layered distortion, which can go from dreaming to thrashing in a short span. Reveling in his layers, and heaving atmospheric melodies, while letting drum machine take charge and providing very torturous but sparse vocals, Moonaadem reminded me a little of Woods of Desolation, especially when the band is not afraid to bring out the heaviness (Multivers, Desolation et folie noire). Moonaadem can be pretty strong and bold next to some dreamy moments (Malaise astral), or totally bury itself in synth mystery (Desillusion). Towards the end of the album Moonaadem gets a little shorter and sketchier in its songs, until it becomes weirdly tubed (D’une existence mourante) or totally experimental (Marche funebre pour la mort de la Terre).

Providing songs name in French is either Lebanese orientation to old colonial French history, or Marwan’s fascination with French black metal, although I would not call Moonaadem Peste Noire. It is almost too synthetic to be emotionally ripping, although certain melodies are quite fascinating (Pleine Lune, Malaise astral). I always admire when a single person can release an album reflective of the creator’s vision.

Killing Songs :
Pleine Lune, Malaise astral
Alex quoted 72 / 100
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