Cemetery Of Scream - Prelude To A Sentimental Journey
Hammer Muzik
Doom Metal
14 songs (59'37)
Release year: 2002
Cemetery Of Scream, Hammer Muzik
Reviewed by Jack
This is a Polish band on a Turkish label. This is quite awesome how metal can bring people closer together. What I know about Turkey is Kebab. And God knows how much I like this food (the Turkish guy around the corner knows it for sure). Glory to Turkey. What I know about Poland is Vader, Velvet Thorns, Sear Bliss, Atrosis, Darzamat, Hefeystos, Sirrah (those are bands, not food). And there must be others that I might have forgotten among my collection.

I had never heard of Cemetery of Scream before, even though they have been around since 1995. Shame on me. This is actually their third record, not including a MCD. On the band's biography it is said that the band has been acclaimed throughout Europe for their previous releases (Metal Hammer, Ablaze, Rock Hard, Aardshok). How come then such a band wound up on a Turkish label ?

About the music itself, it's not bad, it's rather good, but it's not excellent though. I am glad I got this album for free (eh eh eh). The band is playing doom-metal, or so. The riffs are quite repetitive, but since they are good, I don't care. I have noticed some Arabic or Persian influences. Sometimes lyrics are being spoken. The tracks are divided into three parts, Time Is Shadow, The Chess At The Foot Of The Moutain and Towards To The Final Consciousness. Lyrics are in English, with French lyrics in one or two songs.

This is an album I would never have listened to. First of all because I have never read anything about this band anywhere (or I have forgotten about it), and second of all because I don't think I would be able to find this album at my local dealer. That's sad, because the band is playing good music and deserves some attention.

Killing Songs :
Haila, The Ray Of Cry, Cult
Jack quoted 70 / 100
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