Blood Tyrant - Departure Chandelier - split
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Black Metal
3 songs (10'47")
Release year: 2017
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Reviewed by Alex

I love splits and I often wonder what brings the bands together. Label decision, budget needs and considerations, common convictions? I have pondered and pondered why Blood Tyrant and Departure Chandelier are joining forces on their quick split on Nuclear War Now! Productions, yet despite the label seeing the connection here somewhere, for me these are two completely disconnected links.

Blood Tyrant has a supernatural vampire focus. The vocals is exhaling banshee and everything is covered by percussion background which is pretty much a non-stop metallic wind, cymbals providing the propellation. More than half of The Dark Decree is set to a steady one-note blasting pattern, and just as you think you would not be able to take the whole album of this, the band drops off the pace and pushes in an extra few degrees of coldness. Blood Tyrant is as to the basics as they come, no frills, just shrills.

Departure Chandelier, on the other hand, is trying to be different. First, can you think of a weirder name for a black metal unit? Next, the topic is Napoleonic wars. Not sure with what frequency the band releases music, but channeling everything into such narrow straits has got to be constricting on creativity. On A Supernatural Being Arose from Kindred Stock the band focuses on a sequence of militaristic riffs, some thrashing more violently than others, some steadier and deathlier as a result. They take on a sequence, play it for a while, then move on to another progression of chords. At the minimum this is not as monotonous as The Dark Decree. If there are keyboards here somewhere, as the promo states, I certainly can’t hear them. The shouting vocals, the constant push makes A Supernatural Being Arose from Kindred Stock sound like a noisier angrier Arghoslent, so compared to Blood Tyrant A Supernatural Being Arose from Kindred Stock is much earthier and warmer, and was a winner between two tracks.

Killing Songs :
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