Tombstalker - Chaotic Devotion
Boris Records
Death Thrash Metal
2 songs (7'49")
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

Lexington, KY, trio Tombstalker’s band photo shows them standing in a dungeon, waste naked, bodies splattered in some dark fluid, bullet belts supports visible. So after dungeony darkness opening of Scared to Death I prepared myself for a blast of war metal, the style where black metal aesthetics and death metal heaviness blend boundaries. Instead, I felt that Scared to Death wants to thrash very achingly, and the song felt like a combination of do-it-yourself Sodom, without latter production refinement, and Southern death metal sloppiness a la Vore, powered on by dry throat towering growls.

Treads of War is less breakneck, more profound, and largely elephantine in its posture deathly track, but Tombstalker guitars still possess a certain degree of wet raw meatiness in them, which makes the whole sound authentic and attractive. Incorporating solo in the end of Treads of War proves that technicality and juiciness of sound can coexist perfectly in death metal.

A short and fun to listen to Chaotic Devotion EP did not quite fit the images band photo conjured up, but when the sound hit the spot who cares about the looks.

Killing Songs :
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