Prostitution - Egyptian Blue
Self released
Black Progressive
3 songs ()
Release year: 2017
Reviewed by Alex

I cannot fathom for the life of me why anyone would name their band Prostitution, however three Brooklynites thought somehow this represents the story they would like to tell. Prostitution call their debut EP Egyptian Blue and they describe their style as black progressive. I am not certain what “black progressive” really means, yet I can guarantee you wouldn’t know what hit you once Hypergiant starts playing.

The engine-like, revved up percussion, strong bass levels and overall muscular disposition, along with bowel opening hardcore screams, did not necessarily inspire either black or progressive in my head initially. Yet once you make an effort to navigate this seemingly utter chaos (which after several listens started being really fun), the undercurrent melodies come into focus and you marvel how Prostitution can drift effortlessly from breakneck speeds to jazzy rhythms with halting delays.

As Egyptian Blue goes on, interestingly enough, Prostitution becomes less whacky but no less intriguing. Or, maybe I simply got used to the strangeness a little, so The Boat and Elevated Droves appeared more or less streamlined. The band still supplies breakdowns in The Boat, and go from absolute whirlwind maelstrom to sudden slowdown, yet the track is now melodic throughout, with somewhat folkish melody punctuated using a monster double bass. Elevated Droves is also coherent, melodic, but smacks desperate and tragic in its shoegazing melodic tremolo. Prostitution still manage to drag in a syncopated breakdown amidst almost incessant double bass, and before the final crazy lunge, the band plays a nice melodic bass supported outro.

Whatever the band’s style really is, or whatever inspired the band’s moniker (maybe it is just craving attention), one thing can be certain about Egyptian Blue. It isn’t boring, and demonstrates how when you have technical chops and practice your instruments, you can call yourself the weirdest name ever, but the ideas you bring to life will fully captivate.

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