Nevicate - Shattered
Inverse Records
Symphonic Metal
1 songs (4'05")
Release year: 2017
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

In Finnish Nevicate we have a young band which aims to take many of Nightwish elements and not to create a laughable clone. Personally, judging from the single Shattered, they have succeeded. Muscly guitars, prominent keyboards, symphonic arrangements and female singer don’t always have to sound pompous and majestic. With Shattered Nevicate attempt to sound much more edgy and personal. Although you can’t confuse the band with something outright from the heavy realm, they could still open for Nightwish or Epica, Shattered combines definitive headbanging riffs (guitarist positively looks like he is 16), keyboard laden pop melodies and anxious vocal delivery in a different way. Sugary sweetness or sounding orchestral and grand is avoided outright and this is to be applauded. Anni Kokkonen sounds nothing like pampered maven, but much more the non-conformist scorned high school girl you all know. Keyboards in Nevicate come at times in the atonal angular fashion, and that keeps the listener on edge as well. Also, the band even attempts a quick breakdown insert mid-way to be more in your face, in addition with both expected guitars and keyboards solo moments.

While symphonic metal is not necessarily the style I listen to every day (not in the last decade plus anyway), Nevicate’s Shattered, plus a meaningful video to go with the music, were a commendable effort. Wish more of my daughter’s high school girlfriends listened to this rather than the crap I witness them constantly putting on.

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