Neolithic - Martyrdod - split
Deep Six Records
D-beat Hardcore / Hardcore Punk
2 songs (8'54")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

I will admit that it was Martyrdod, the band I had a chance to cover a few times on these pages, their latest being fantastic List, which drew me to this split. Baltimore’s Neolithic, the band which is the lead off on the 7”EP, and the band Earsplit PR is representing, is not too shabby either. From the same mold, crusty death metal, Neolithic is significantly less hardcore punk, however, and lot more d-beat hardcore. Violent and speedy from the beginning, Inner Adversary soon moves into the downtuned and ominous breakdown territory, pushing darkness and depravity ever further. Words gargling and drowning in Evan Harting’s throat, Inner Adversary is brutal in modern ways, with powerful production, but full of vitriol and menace just as something old school.

Martyrdod may be a little reserved on War of Worlds (Herbert Wells inspired?), but only to start with. The song rises to a high drilling melody and Mikael Kjellman screaming atop his lungs. There is also violence in War of Worlds, but unlike Inner Adversary it is of more reckless punky variety. Martyrdod guitars reach the limit of aural comprehension at some point, play another addictive melody ... and pass out.

Not sure what’s in Martyrdod future plans, but Neolithic is preparing another EP release to show up soon. You can bet it will be bruising.

Killing Songs :
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